The Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic

  • Vitamin D deficiency is a global health pandemic

  • Over 3.5 billion people have inadequate vitamin D globally

  • Over 1 billion people worldwide have severe vitamin D deficiency

  • Vitamin D deficiency has been known to be linked to several health conditions.

Global Vitamin D deficiency statistics

Vitamin D deficiency map.webp

The Problem

  • The plant-based industry has always concentrated on the amount of protein as their differentiator e.g. Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Ripple Foods, Morning Star Farms, White Wave Foods, etc

  • Whereas protein deficiency is less common or virtually non-existent in developed countries (where there is an increasing patronage of plant-based products), Vitamin D deficiency is prevalent in these countries

  • Most plant-based products (such as burgers, sausages, etc) currently do not contain vitamin D and where they exist, only contain minute quantities not enough for the recommended daily requirement.

The Solution

Our Story

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